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Restaurant Manager Gives Out Sexual Favors As Performance Bonus, Raise
No More Oreos? Tell Me it isn't True!
How To Have An Argument With Yourself And Win
`I'm Not A Christian, But I Play One On Sunday'
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Entertainment and Arts
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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (NY)
Pricing For Profit!
Voodoo Munchies
Hay Fever Is a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Thing
Declaring War on Daylight Savings Time
Understanding Saddam Hussein
Quotes and Sayings - Colloquialisms Part 1
A Strange Occurrence at the Passing Sun
You Know Your Breath May Be A Tad Funky When...
Are All Men Fashion Train Wrecks, Or Is It Just Me?
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Why Are Some Plants Called Weeds?
Acerca de Comics e Historietas
For The Love Of Offbeat Cartoons And Cartoon Gifts
The San Jose Nightlife, California Style After Hours
Katana master
Charlie Chaplin - The Legend
Are Superstitions Based In History?
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Entertainment and Arts
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Political Humor: Are You A Dittohead?
Health Club Regulars - Some of the People You're Likely To Meet at the Gym
The Superior Mind -- Man vs. Mouse
Dentists Hate You and They Are Probably Aliens
How to handle bad breath
?I'm Not A Christian, But I Play One On Sunday'
The Hazards of Tossing Pigs
Magical Yahoo Readings
Guide to Dummy Books for Dummies
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Brighten Your Day and Enlighten Your Life
Tech Support Comedy
How To Impress Girls - Or Maybe Not
How Grandma's Lap Robe Saved My Legs
Never Open An Outhouse Door Without Knocking
Honey Do List Gone Wild For Unemployed Men
The Effects Of Funny Things
Just A Bus Trip Or A Daytime Nightmare?
Welcome Back Professor!
The Druggie, The Witch, You, Me and Harry Potter
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Who Buys from Recorded Telephone Sales Pitches?
Poverty Can Be Erased
Education enlarges us.
Rhymes With Love
Our Baby: The Grape
Save on Gas Prices
Man Loses Memory; Shows Up At Emergency Room
I Shaved My Legs For This
I Love the Smell of Commerce in the Morning!
A Dog's Eye View of the World, Part I
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It Was A Dork And Strummy Knight-A Story With Musical Jokes
Which is Worse Pig Crap or Lawyers?
Washington DC Floods and Gets a Power Flush
The Nine Lives Generation
Bush Sets Aside Hawaii As Nature Preserve; Inhabitants Head For California
300-Hundred Pound Bear Flees 10-Pound Cat
A Cialis A Day Keeps The Uncertainty Away
Rescue a Cockroach from Your Cat - Humanely
Jokes For Jay Leno: Celebrity Jokes
Figs! - Where Are They?
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Humor Quotations - Top 35 Funny Quotations by Famous Comedians
Chastise Your Bread ? Kneading Dough is Excellent Stress The
Misspelled Scriptures
Is a Home Business Right for You?
Coffee Tips (and the Elimination Thereof)
Toilet Training: Every Woman's Nightmare
Cloning Advantage Super Families
Fly The Friendly Skies
The Weirdness of the Japanese
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Appearing Naked in Other People's Dreams
The Wyrding Well of the Pines
Humor - An Introduction
The Funny Thing About Humor
O The Price of Biscuits and Gravy
Mother's Day Card Observation
Abatement of Lawyers Caesar Style
A Funny Joke and The Man without Humor
The Bomber: Readers Beware
Real Men Love Jesus; Why is he Gay?
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Mindfulness and Laughter: Gaining Clarity While Giggling
Loyalty Programs May Keep Customers Coming Back ? But First
A French Teacher's Memories: First Day At School
Technical Treason and Eight or Nine reasons why an infra-red
One Hour Every Day At Four O'clock
Russia Defends Iranian Nuke Program; Considers Position Good Customer Service
Don't Stare at My Hair
E mom dot com
Spider's Night on the Boom
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National Illegal Immigration Boycott; Why Not Make it One Month?
Mexico Solves Immigration Problem; Becomes Part Of China
Iran Accepts European Nuke Deal: Includes Instructions On How To Make An A-Bomb
Bill Clinton In Secret Talks With Hillary; Agrees To Run For Vice President
Sports ? World Soccer Cup 2006 ? From a UFO Log Book
Artificial Intelligent Lawyers; All Attorneys Are Fired!
Humor - No Sense Of
Hail the Sultan of Submissions, Lance Winslow!
Lawyers Need More Rules and Regulations
Border Crossing Individuals; Dealing with the Location Challenged People
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Giving the Perfect Gift, aka Market Research
A Faux Pas Is A Mistake In A Tuxedo
Draining the lizard in the old west franchises
Just Imagine!
The First Kiss
The Cackle Factor
The Back Passage!
Link Building
The Beauty of Hybrid Tea Roses
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We Must Appease Radical Regimes Which Sponsor International Terrorism
Do I Know Anything? I Don't Know
Father's Day Trivia
A Page From Betty Crocker's Cookbook
On Switch, Off Switch
Laugh and Stay Healthy
Iran Must Be Allowed to Have Nuclear Weapons
U.S. Ends Oil Dependency; Turns B.S. Into Fuel
Conversation Time Saver
The Party Store
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Merry ... somebody ... Mas!
How To Cash In On Your ?Ailment Capital'
The Superior Mind
"Angry Chicken" Disease Peril to Chicken Soup Industry
Can You Write Naturally and Get Good SE Ranking?
Hurricanes have gone but political winds are blowing
Keeping The Door Open
Let's Associate with FUNNY
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The Morning Glory People
Ex-CIA; Good Chance He is Gay
America May Import Biz Execs; Too Many Here In Jail
Infant Author Accused Of Plaigarism; Copied Sounds In Nursery
Too Many Lawyers in America; Lance Rants
Update: Artic National Wildlife Refuge: Senate Rejects "Oil Drilling"; Approves "Oil Hunting."
Court Jester Party Jokes - He Who Laughs Last
Al Gore to Clean Toilets at the White House?
Nightclub For Baby Boomes Raided; Patrons Nabbed For Dropping Antacid
The Origins Of Spring-Cleaning, Or Along Came Eve
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Writing Articles Using The New Euro-Englisch
Package Baggage
The Art of Storytelling in Public Speaking
Poor Rix's Almanac 8-27-05
Bovine Resort
Patch - a Scottish Collie
Ten Steps To Establishing Yourself as an Expert: Steps 3 and 4
Old Age Isn't For Sissies
Internet Resources
Blackberries, Bluebonnets and Buttercups
Why We Have Not Caught Osama bin Laden Yet
Floods Strike New England; Lobsters Enter Kitchens
Sun Will Only Burn For 5 Billion More Years; Humans Express Concern
Jokes for Jay Leno 02: President Bush
Saddam Hussein Accused Of Crimes Against Ties
Bolivian President Evo Morales: Expropriates Energy Company Assets While Accusing Them Of Stealing
Abatement of Corruption in Congress
I Heart Dave Barry
Cranelegs Top Ten Reasons Why We Are Doomed
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The Spider Monkey Routine
Psychiatric Psychiatrist - A Joke on Psychiatry
Mr. Cheapie's Frugal Shopping Tips
Truck Stop Christmas
More things I have learned
Internet Resources
You Know You're Watching Too Much TV When ...
Things That Go Bump in the Night
Cartoons As Weapons of War?
Birthday Clown Hell
Despite Video-Game Mania, Little League Baseball Still Hits It Off With Kids
FED Raises Interest Rates, Except On Existing Mortgages
Ancient Mayan Mummy Proves A Tattoo Is Forever
When Telemarketers Attack
Movie Stars As Sources Of Wisdom
The Gift of Gab
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Halloween Howler
Hazards of Extreme Camping
How To Write Classified Ads That Make Money
How to Build a Cobblestone House
Get the Most Amount of Money with the Least Amount of Effort
Nuts, Gears & Beers
The Toilet Seat
Osama and Saddam
Halfway Through Summer - Are We Having Fun Yet
ThinkExist: New ?Sex and the City? Quotes Collection
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America To Sue Rest Of World For Ungrateful Behavior
Marching Along
How to Choose a College - Did You Choose the Wrong One?
Busy-body Building for Women
Growing Old At The DMV
A Drunk with a Small Penis
Razor Burned
A Silent Night - Not At My House
Religion and Theories on What Being Human Actually Is
Hurricane Alberto; A Tropical Illegal Alien
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A Solution Polynesian, European and Seasonal
Little Guy on Wheels
Tech Support Comedy
It's All About Seeing the Signs
Sales Appointment - The Dog
The Lighter Side of Spam
The Good Old Days
I Own A Dog
My Mother's Amazing Meatloaf Mystery
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I Think Elliot Spitzer might be the Devil?
Rednecks are Real
Punch Line Madness
I Am
Why Macy's Cleans Their Floors At Odd Hours
All People Need to be Free from Repression
Met Meets Greece's Request; Returns Ancient Toilet Seats
An Application for an English Teaching Position... But then Who Would Want Such an Applicant?
Obscure News
Jesus Was an Illegal Alien Too
Internet Resources
A Charm for Baby
When Humans and Dogs Collide: Negotiations for Today's Changing Times
Pee Here Now
Freedom During The School Holidays
I hate my computer and other inspirational thoughts
Old Wine in New Bottle
Quotes and Sayings - Colloquialisms Part 3
Clever Mayor Roy Nagen: Has Runoff Election With White Guy Who Looks Just Like Roy Himself
Timothy Ward's Great Coloring Book Rebirth
Space Exploration, and the Room for it!
Internet Resources
Funny Story: Cars Are a Boy's Thing
In-laws and Outlaws
Medical Researcher Discovers Cause Of Asinine Behavior
Rush Limbaugh Humor: 2 Adult Beverage Recipes Any Dittohead Will Love
A Curious Contraception
Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Visits the Hello Deli and Rupert Jee
Airport Delays
Why Do I Laugh At Sicko Stuff?
Sex Ed in the Sixties
Polygamists March; Demand Volume Discount On Marriage Licenses
Internet Resources
The Reptire
From Rotary Dial To Dial Up from Granny's Journal
Building Relationships With Humor
The Brilliant Rejection Dating Maneuver
Make a wish on Titan and send it to your friends
Turkeys: both men and bird and a Peanutbutter power bar
Discover the Lighter Side of the Internet
Refresher Course for Women on How to Win an Argument With a Man
Embroidering Corporate Apparel
Using a web designer instead of doing it yourself...
Internet Resources
Advancing Technology Through Mice
Bill Hicks - NEW MATERIAL Found of Historic Significance
The Dangerous Clown Disease
Chin-ups are Pleasant
Husband Gripes from the Past
Pets, Pets and More Pets
Aliens Are Among Us
Unruly Airliner Passenger Discharge System
Survival Instinct
A Law of Nature
Internet Resources
Marketing On The Cheap: Become a Joiner
Little giant ladder pros and cons
Your Say Humor and I Say Gumour
I Bet I'll Get More Clicks By Putting Sex in the Title
Lousy Jobs - How to Lose Them In Style
The Headless Horseman Of Mass Media: Information Everywhere, Philosophy Nowhere
A French Teacher's Memories: Boys Are Not Born in Cabbage Fields
The Restaurant Chronicles, Part 1
Internet Resources
View from the Stage: Six Pounds Tall!
I'll Have the 'Gringo Starr', Por Favor
The Finely Tuned Athlete
The Fruit Caper
Ken Lay Explains Behavior With Poem From Childhood: "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep."
Bob Fosse's 'Lenny': A Lost Treasure
Men Go Extinct
Old Sparky! Needlephobia, Nerve Conduction Tests, and Electromyelograms
Customer Care in 2020
For The Love Of Raspberries
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Mind Games Dogs Play With Humans
That's the Christmas spirit
Creating my First MRI
When It Rains, It Pours: Creating a Plan
Occasional Poems: Puppy TOys
Quirk Wars
Another Dracula, Another Flop
Miss Congeniality Quotes
Internet Resources
That Spam-I-Am, I Do Not Like That Spam-I-Am
The Genius of Calvin & Hobbes
Manfred Goes to the Country
Re-incarnation is Real
Prank Calling Technology
Irish Chemist Creates Four Leaf Clover-Marijuana Hybrid
How to Become an Expert on Anything
The Laughing Buddha's Christmas Wish
Beer, Beamers and Born Agains
Einstein, God and Relativity
Internet Resources
Tech Support And Root Canal
Under A Cuban Moon
Similarities Between Teen-Agers And Senior Citizens
New Orleans First to Experience Housing Bubble Burst
The Good Husband Guide
Silver Linings Are Everywhere
15 Reasons Why Salesmen Are The Best Lovers
A Lawyers Favorite Lawyer Jokes
In My House, If It's Broken I Bought It
Internet Resources
What Ever Happened to George and Alice Goeble?
"Old Age Isn't For Sissies"
Google It You Moron
Celebrity Baby Names: What's In A Name?
Hoop Dream
Look Ma, No Hands!
First Month Routine
The Drowning Spool
I Wonder
Creating My First MRI
Internet Resources
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall
Health Club Regulars ?- Some of the People You're Likely To Meet at the Gym
The Hidden Driveway
The Best Online Comics Site You'll NEVER Find
The Silly Essay
The Ley Lines of a Semi-Retired Drainage System
Tribute to Delores
No More Oreos? Tell Me it isn't True!
Your Mischievous Sense of Humor
What to do when you get caught surfing by the Boss!
Valentine's Day for Dummies
Chicken Rearing 101: Your Complete Guide to How Not to Raise Chickens
Never Trust A Man With A Bread-Shaped Head
Speed Secret
Evil Super-Villains need Love, Too
How Many Men Does It Take . . . Top 12 Men's Jokes
The Script About My Ass
It's official. They are not together!