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Which is Worse Pig Crap or Lawyers

The other day we were all sitting in a Coffee Shop and one of the gentleman there mentioned something about lawyers and we got into a 2-hour conversation on the subject. I am thinking to myself as a retired entrepreneur who started out as a small business person, well I sure as heck do not wish to talk about lawyers, heck if they all died tomorrow, I would make reservations to Disney Land.Well this conversation went on and on and on until one other gentleman stood up and said;.I have to get back to the ranch, but before I go I wanted to leave a thought with all y' all and you can let me know what you think then.

He said good meeting you son.I guess because I was not from around there and he figured we may never see me again and perhaps he is right. Nevertheless he said;.

Which is worse Pig Crap or Lawyers?.Well indeed this changed the conversation completely to much more serious tone. In fact what is worse a load of stinky rotten pig crap cooking in the hot sun and moist air all day smelling up a storm or a lawyer?.One gentleman said you know we have some hogs down by the farm and well that smell gets might bad. Another said well lawyers you know they really are about the worst thing in the world you know?.Well it was a toss up but the Lawyers finally won and we all departed, I got to thinking later that we were probably right Lawyers are worse than disgusting smelly pig crap in the hot summer sun with moist air.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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