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Religion and Theories on What Being Human Actually Is

When you ask someone what it means to be human or what life really is, you may be shocked at some of the bizarre answers you will get. Recently in an online think tank someone stated that; "We are materialist beings intertwined with hyper-dimensional, emotional connection with alien species." And that; "God said when the people start doing bad things they shall not need me on this earth, and will replace me with nothing but Satanism.".

Yah, that is what I thought myself when I heard this, yet this gentleman actually believed this. You might be shocked to find people you know really well have some pretty bizarre interpretations of the life experience, some born of religious teachings and writings and others of folklore and/or combinations of all of the above. Regarding this gentleman's theory of humans being hyper-dimensional materialist beings, another on the think tank asked this question:."If humans are material beings intertwined with hyper-dimensional-ness, why would they need a god? Thus if you state there is a god or gods and that he or they will leave if people are "bad" or "evil" and then people will find another follower such as a proverbial Satan (evil) type figure to hang their hat on.

".I suppose as long as no one took this gentleman's comments literally this of course makes sense from a religious teaching point of view because it allows for control and fear; which it appears this gentleman is fearing this Satan fellow and God and being controlled by it all. Perhaps we need to take a mental health survey of those who have gone off the deep end in their religions and get them all some help? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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