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How To Write Classified Ads That Make Money

If written correctly, classified ads can be a very effective
way to make money and build your business. That's the key,
they have to be written correctly. A poorly written classified ad will do nothing more than waste your hard-earned money!

In this article, I'm going show you the proper way to write
a classified ad--the kind that Will make money!

Here's the secret: You MUST write every single classified ad
using the following classic AIDA formula:


Let's break down each letter:

A=ATTENTION: The very first thing your classified ad must do is get the attention of the reader. The best way to do that is with an effective headline.

Because your classified ad will probably be competing with a
sea of other classified ads, nothing is more important than
your headline.

An effective headline will attract the reader's attention,
and also target the audience for which it was intended.

The best way to write good headlines is to ALWAYS answer that one question your reader wants to know: "What's in it for me?" Answer that question as clear and concise as possible and you will consistently write good headlines.

Here are some examples of good headlines: Collect Coins For Fun And Profit! Make $50,000 Yearly Selling Books! How To Make Your Website More Profitable! How To Write Classified Ads That Make Money!

Notice how in the above examples, you don't have to guess what the ad is all about. The headline pretty much tells you.

Don't try to be cute. Just spell it out in your headline.

Next, we come to the second letter in the AIDA formula:
I="INTEREST". After you get your reader's attention, you
want to get him "INTERESTED" in your product or service.
You do that by telling him what your headline promises. Let me illustrate what I'm talking about, by using one of the above headlines as an example:

Make $50,000 Yearly Selling Books!
No experience Necessary.

By adding "No experience necessary," you build interest, because your reader is thinking, "No experience necessary. I can do this!"

Next comes the third letter letter in the formula:
D="DESIRE". You have to make your reader "DESIRE" whatever
it is that you're offering. And the best way to do that is
with benefits! Let's continue to build on the classified ad we started:

Make $50,000 Yearly Selling Books!
No experience Necessary.

Over 1000
money-making titles. Small investment!

By adding "Over 1000 money-making titles. Small investment!" You're making your reader desire what you're offering. At this point your reader is thinking, "I can make money selling books. It doesn't cost a lot to get started, and I don't need any experience!" Those things are all "benefits."

Again, just tell your reader what your headline promised.

Push his emotional "hot buttons", by using magic selling
words like, revolutionary, new, amazing, free, guaranteed,
security, love, sex, make money, etc! Example:

Make $50,000 Yearly Selling Books!
No experience Necessary. Over 1000
money-making titles. Small investment!
FREE information!

By adding magic selling words like "money-making" and "FREE," you're pushing your reader's emotional "hot buttons!"

Finally, we come to the last letter in the formula:
A="ACTION". You want to close your classified ad with a call
to action! In other words, tell your reader what you want
him to do. For example, "For details click here!" or "Write
for more information!" Example:

Make $50,000 Yearly Selling Books!
No experience Necessary.

Over 1000
money-making titles. Small investment!
FREE information! Click here!

Adding "Click here," is a call to action. You're telling your reader exactly what you want him to do.

In closing, remember, when writing a classified ad, always
use the AIDA formula. It will rarely let you down! . ABOUT THE AUTHOR
Dean Phillips is an Internet marketing expert, writer,
publisher and entrepreneur.

Questions? Comments? Dean can be
reached at mailto: dean@lets-make-money.net
Visit his website at: http://www.lets-make-money.net


By: Dean Phillips


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