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Einstein God and Relativity

It is widely known that Einstein, while meditating, talked to God. It is also known that energy can not be created or destroyed. So whatever we talk, the sound waves of the conversation will stay on this earth. It is only a matter of catching them to hear the conversation again.

A few years back, scientists tried just that- catch what Einstein talked to God.They succeeded in catching bits of his talk with God. He was heard asking God to forgive him for the atom bomb.

He was heard talking to God about his Special Theory of Relativity. Einstein was heard, "So God, I told the world what relativity is. I now know how things work." "Well done son," God said, "But why are you sad?" "Because nobody understands the theory; they think I am a fool," was Einstein's reply. "Don't worry, child.

Tell me what it is. I will understand," God said.So Einstein began explaining to God what relativity is. That there is no preferred inertial frame, that all are equal, motion between two frames is relative- you can call any one at rest and the other in motion. He gave God all the formulas, all the derivations.

After three hours of explaining, he asked, "So God, now do you understand?".God said, "Child, you are very technical. That is why nobody is understanding the theory.

Can you tell me in layman terms what is relativity? So that everybody understands it?" Einstein was completely blank. He said, "God, I don't know how to explain it in simple terms. I can give the formula but can't explain it." God said, "You are right, my child. For after all, it may be you who formulated relativity, but I created it!".


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By: Shubhanyu Jain


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