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Bolivian President Evo Morales Expropriates Energy Company Assets While Accusing Them Of Stealing

The new leftist President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, wasted no time sending his nation's underdeveloped economy into a tailspin by expropriating the assets of the energy companies who had made major investments in his impoverished land.

But, clever fellow that he is, he couched the counterproductive theft in terms of preventing the companies from stealing Bolivia's natural resources.

What, they didn't invest billions to drill? They didn't pump cash into the government's tax coffers?

What have we here but the usual Marxian inclination to assign all the value to "the workers" who take jobs, without leaving a crumb for the daring and innovative folks who create them?

But the wily guy pulled off the takeovers and, like it or not, expect more clever transliterations of nomenclature as he moves forward with the assumptive devastation of whatever hopes the people of Bolivia have to establish a progressive and job-generating economy.

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By: Tom Attea/NewsLaugh.com


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