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Brighten Your Day and Enlighten Your Life - If you find these quotes humorous search them for hidden wisdom.

Tech Support Comedy - Ever wonder what the help-desk technician was doing on the other end of the phone when you scream that your computer just crashed? Well, here's a website full of tech support horror stories that would make the most stalwart consumer cringe and will, at the very least, leave you in laughing hysterically or in tears depending on where you appear in the lack of competancy index.

How To Impress Girls Or Maybe Not - I suppose that all males at some time in their life attempt to impress girls.

How Grandmas Lap Robe Saved My Legs - As I was growing up, Grandma always made sure that I wouldn't catch cold by insisting I have a lap robe over my legs.

Never Open An Outhouse Door Without Knocking - I suppose that every hometown of every child holds certain favorite hiding places, or short cuts, or little-known doors or cubbyholes or secret passageways or whatever, and Auburn, the little town where I grew up, was no exception.

Honey Do List Gone Wild For Unemployed Men - Sarcastic humor, yes it is the healer of our soul.

The Effects Of Funny Things - This article looks at the wonderful effects of laughter & really funny things.

Just A Bus Trip Or A Daytime Nightmare - Martyn Brown writes and edits home business publications but, on occasions, looks at the lighter side of life.

Welcome Back Professor - On his return from Zurich the Professor discusses Iraq, Middle East situation and Axis of Evil matters.

The Druggie The Witch You Me and Harry Potter - Bodybuilders, bats, witches, princes and druggies.

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