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Abatement of Corruption in Congress

Well it appears that the corruption in Congress is so pervasive that the real problem now is not only getting rid of all the maggots and flies, but all the crap too. It appears that the Blob of Bureaucracy has turned OUR government into a business for sale to the highest bidder and the mere citizens who supposedly own it cannot even get a word in edge wise to your elected representatives and are not allowed to talk to any Senator or Congressmen who is not in the district we live.But anyone with cash or any unethical businessperson can see any of these flies in the blob of bureaucracy at will. So here is the problem we need to abate this problem, right? Well, then lets reduce the side of the mother load of crap that the blob of bureaucracy represents, then there will be no where for the flies to lay their larva to turn into more maggots stealing the system blind.

Now then a business man or woman whether small business, medium size or multi-national conglomerate ought to be able to talk to their government, darn straight, just like any citizen ought to be able to. After all the businesses have helped us build this nation and they employ the people and the citizens, well heck we own the government remember? Lets clean house and get rid of all this crap already? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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