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Medical Researcher Discovers Cause Of Asinine Behavior

There you are, talking to someone, who, you assume, is intelligent. Then, quite unexpectedly, he or she says something that makes you realize that, like it or not, you're talking to an ass.

Now, a researcher believes he has accounted for the sudden turn of events. In an article in the prestigious New England Journal of Medical Hot Flashes, he explains that he at first intuited the probability of the upper body's rotational capability and then did a study that involved observing people in an MRI while they talked.

He discovered that when a person says something really stupid, his or her body does, in fact, suddenly rotate on the hips, so that the butt faces up.

He is currently doing a follow-up study to determine if the same people, upon recognizing the idiocy of their ways and apologizing for the dumb comment, can rotate back to the position he refers to as heads up.

Article Source: http://www.articledashboard.com.


Tom Attea, creator of Newslaugh.

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By: Tom Attea/NewsLaugh.com


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