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Google It You Moron

I approached my boss with some technical problem, expecting some answer. He barked, "GOOGLE IT YOU MORON". I didnt got the answer still I asked shylessly, "Whats the meaning of moron?". Again he screamed, "Google it you moron?".

I returned to my desk and first googled the meaning of moron. Idiot.Somewhat frustrated I left office to watch a movie. The first half was good, but there were surprises for me in the second half.

The hero was asking heroine, "Darl, Do you love me?", A minute of silence and then the heroine replied, "Google it you moron". Because this new gen heroine writes a blog and she also posts about her love afair.I thought people have got answer for all questions, just say, "Google it you moron".The angry young hero went to his home, and asked his mother, "Maa, saari duniya mujhe najayaz kahati hai, Batao kaun hai mera baap?". The modern maa with tears in her eyes replied, "Google it you moron, you will definately get his name.".

Now I started to hate google, and left the movie hall. All time on my way to home I was thinking, and wondering. Can't I ask simple questions to anyone now? Do I have to search google for everything I want to know?.I was talking insanely with myself, I was near to my home, standing at crossroads I forgot which road goes to my home, I asked a man standing nearby, "Which road leads to Highway Signal?", The man replied, "Google it you moron, you will get this information on website of Municipal Corporation.".

Now I can't hear google's name anymore, I was screaming on the road, "Goooooogle eeeeeeeet uuuuuuuuuuuu moooorooooooooooooooooon".You must be thinking Is this guy mad?, Well the answer is simple. "Google it you moron". You might find my name in on some mental hospital's website.


-------------------------------------------------- About Author -.A Simple Person trying to understand this complex world. Blogs at - http://theignorant.

blogspot.com.I see this world with eyes of a curious child,
In my mind questions gallore,
All why's and how's I want to explore ,
My Blog is about my endless curiosity,
The way I see the world,
I am not an expert, neither wise nor gifted,
I am The Ignorant, a curious child.

By: Shailesh Gopale


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