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A party is not a party without a jester in the midst and we all have one of those in the family so what we do now is to approach this person of hidden talent to entertain your guests at what ever the occasion may be or celebration. Feisty characters like the Court Jester from days gone by would entertain in the royal palace grounds or among the people on crowded streets.For any party to be a success there has to be fun and laughter and this can be achieved with the right person taking on the role as a modern day Court Jester at your party. Gags and jokes is the most popular of party pieces that are recited to fill the air with laughter - even game activities will excite all those who participate in the fun.

When you have decided on who will entertain your guests then it would be wise to let them perform and steal the show in their own way because these types of people that act in a jesters way will always prove to be funny - no matter what they do.Clowns are a great way to keep kiddies happy at a party and also at an adults gathering too. Never rule out the famous circus clown for getting laughs.

Clowns are noted for fooling around and doing tricks. A guaranteed way of getting laughs is always at some other persons expense - so unfortunately there has to be a victim so if you are planning to play a prank on someone then be sure will they take it all in good fun - if not avoid that person.Jokers who play tricks need to check with the host of the party and gather some information on what they think will go down well with the audience etc.Fancy dress parties are a definite party success choice - because everyone loves dressing up and you can rest assured that the laughs will be ten a penny when each guest is greeted on arrival dressed as - The Hulk - Adam and Eve or the Court Jester.If you are not sure what exactly it is you want then go online and surf the net for party ideas. Another way of spicing up the occasion is to have music - the likes of gimmick songs go down really well - where all the guests get a two in one package with this type of entertainment - for example, they get to enjoy themselves on top of reaching vocal heights where they now become the entertainer.

What of the court jester with all his silly antics who never got the chance to perform in front of royalty, well he was left to amuse the people on the street - so why not turn your party into a street celebration. The court jester entertained with song and dance routines while playing a musical instrument - juggling or doing acrobatics. The history of the jester turned minstrel still lives on - in our street buskers.Remember with careful planning you can throw a party or ball fit for a queen and by getting it right - down to the last detail it is then you know you have succeeded.He Who Laughs Last - Laughs The Loudest.


By: Kacy Carr


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