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He made his mind and decided that he would not allow it to happen any longer. He wanted to be alone, quite and silent. But this power was too much to handle. It was reaching him, invading his spaces and in a certain way, was taking all his being.There was neither joy nor sadness that he could hide.

All was known, almost predictable and what is more serious, his laughter and weeping could not be controlled. But he decided to face this situation since he felt that he was losing control. His will was being played with and he was not capable of controlling the infinity of processes that took him beyond his own limits.He was not able to distinguish reality from illusion, or strength from weakness.

At those moments, what was certain would become uncertain and there was no possible escape since it was like being submerged and taken by a current, while unable to move in another direction. There was no alternative, it was like having the hands tied, like losing the mind and nevertheless, to be in the presence of this inexplicable phenomena.And he said: How is this possible? To lose control and fall into the hands of this power that surrounds, enamors, posses and controls? It is like being in the middle of a storm. How to be able to avoid being there? And what is most peculiar and strange is that everything seems less real, while we are there.

But how heavy it is, how invasive, it seems like chains, dragging even the strongest, while the weak does not have words or anything to say.At times is like the fire of incense, consuming and taking everything. Besides, it takes the freedom, it takes and drags you, it presses and also cheers and scares you. And when it gives you everything and you gave everything, it laughs and says: " I have not given you anything, it was your own doing".

And other times, it takes me, drags me and without mercy, hurts me and takes me, I don't know where. But also, embraces me and gathers me and I don't have strength to escape. When I think that I have defended myself and that I am back in control, I realize that I am lost. And in the horizon of its being, I am like a tree in the middle of the forest, lost in the immensity, watching and contemplating the dance of feelings, emotions that inevitably surge, because is also like fire, like the sea. It warms up my bones and my blood and it makes me to act in a thousand different ways but also drowns and dilutes me into the all and the nothing.

It is a mystery that very few can explain: Dreaming.Excerpt of the book, "The Mystery" by Mr. Oscar Basurto.


By: Oscar Basurto


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