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Funny Story Cars Are a Boys Thing - Cars are a boy?s thing.

Inlaws and Outlaws - I decided to enclose a funny picture with my last letter to relatives in Arizona.

Medical Researcher Discovers Cause Of Asinine Behavior - There you are, talking to someone, who, you assume, is intelligent.

Rush Limbaugh Humor Adult Beverage Recipes Any Dittohead Will Love - Years ago, Rush Limbaugh coined the term "adult beverages" to refer to alcoholic drinks.

A Curious Contraception - t was only the other day that I learnt that the first recorded use of contraception was in 2000BC by the Egyptians.

Top Ten Reasons David Letterman Visits the Hello Deli and Rupert Jee - Those of you who watch David Letterman enjoy Dave?s frequent visits to the Hello Deli.

Airport Delays - The time you spend at an airport could cut days off your vacation.

Why Do I Laugh At Sicko Stuff - Why do I do it? Why do I laugh at things I shouldn?t? For instance, when someone from Howard Stern?s ?whack pack?, his personal collection of mentally challenged misfits with various speech impediments, talks about anything? How about when Andrew.

Sex Ed in the Sixties - The following is from the beginning of a short story by the same title.

Polygamists March Demand Volume Discount On Marriage Licenses - Polygamists, under attack even in the generally tolerant and Mormon-populous state of Utah, marched on Washington, demanding what they regard as their right to a volume discount in the purchase of marriage licenses.

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