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Mindfulness and Laughter Gaining Clarity While Giggling - Life is funny.

Loyalty Programs May Keep Customers Coming Back But First - 

By Julia Hyde

Remember trading stamps? If you're over 40, chances are you will. Every time you shopped at a participating grocery store

A French Teachers Memories First Day At School - Anyone know how it is to go to school for the first time.

Technical Treason and Eight or Nine reasons why an infrared - Her passion and insight with regard to consumer goods, are unmatched.

One Hour Every Day At Four Oclock - Every day at four o'clock I stop whatever it is I am doing to watch my favorite soap opera.

POLITICALLY CORRECT SANTA - Copyright Victoria Elizabeth 2004.

Russia Defends Iranian Nuke Program Considers Position Good Customer Service - While the civilized world has reacted with horror at Iran?s plan to harness the energy of the atom, as in bombs away, Russia has steadfastly defended the menacing mullahdom?s nuclear ambitions.

Dont Stare at My Hair - Hair is where you find it.

E mom dot com - E Mom dot Com A short story by Ravindra Torane This is a story of a boy named Anko.

Spiders Night on the Boom - Spider's Night on the Boom.

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