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Our neighbors haven't built on their lot yet. I try to keep them informed with an occasional E mail or picture. A snake recently came from their lot to live on ours and terrorize me. Since they appreciate my updates so much, they have "decided to let me keep the snake." Here was my reply: Tina and Dave, I don't want you to worry. Just in case you happen by.

The snake has me creeped out. I mean I know there are bad things in the world - they guy with his drool cup at the 7-11 might be a serial killer, but I don't need to know the specifics, and feel better NOT knowing. So even though I might suspect snake, I'd rather not be snake-sure. The idea is based on a hamster wheel. Yes, it's unsightly for now, but when enough dirt blows up on the tires with which I've lined our property, I think you'll get used to it. See, the snake goes into the tire and then follows the endless highway round and round.

When I feel we have all of them, I simply set them afire. I know what you are thinking - billowing black smoke will cause consternation among the locals. Not to worry. I've slipped word that a movie is being filmed here in Spanish Oaks and that there might be some special effects from time to time. Most of the workers have a balding tire or two that they were happy to contribute to the cause.

My best, Bob .

By: Bob Wood


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