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Its official They are not together

Star couple and picture perfect pair Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did a formal announcement of their break-up through the office of Aniston's publicist, Stephen Huvane. This announcement came after tabloid stories said that the couple's marriage was indeed on the rocks. The announcement mentioned that the reasons for the couple's split are difficult schedules and disagreement on whether or not to have children. Both stars have been busy with movie schedules and TV programs. Divorce came months later. Jennifer cited irreconcilable differences in the dissolution papers.

They were filed with a Los Angeles court by the couple. The court documents said that Jennifer Aniston's maiden name was asked to be restored. Blaming her unhappy childhood for the problems in her own marriage to Pitt, Aniston also admitted that her negative attitude played a role in the breakdown of their marriage. Jennifer's parents had a difficult marriage which ended in divorce. Jennifer's announcement came as no surprise since right from the start she said that she often fear, mistrust, doubt and insecurities.

She added that it's impossible to delude oneself about fairytale romance and happy endings. Jennifer was recently caught on pictures by paparazzi not wearing her wedding ring. This lead to a wild tabloid speculation of marital problems. So the announcement did not really come as a surprise to Hollywood insiders. Moreso, this announcement only confirmed what everyone had discreetly known but never confirmed.

Pitt has also been caught playing around with his Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star, Angelina Jolie. They have been romantically linked for several months Brad, 41 and Jennifer, 35 began dating in 1998.

Their formal announcement of a hook-up became a frenzy for paparazzi who wanted every second of their relationship documented on the tabloids. The wedding announcement came a couple of years later. Brad and Jennifer were married in July 2000 in a grand ceremony in Malibu, California. >From the beginning, Brad and Jennifer's marriage was a fairy tale come true. Their wedding on July 29, 2000 included a canopy filled with the most amazing flowers. It was held at a Malibu mansion.

During the ceremony, Jennifer made an announcement to make Brad's favorite banana split and Brad promised to find a balance on the thermostat. Brad and Jennifer's wedding was attended by 200 guests. They had over 50,000 flowers, a gospel choir, four bands and fireworks to top it all off. They served lobster and champagne at the reception. Brad made an announcement that he himself personally designed the wedding rings. They were watching white gold bands with small diamond.

Jennifer was extraordinarily radiant at her wedding. Her wedding dress was designed by Lawrence Steele. It was a full-length white silk tulle halter dress studded with tiny pearls.

Her sandals were by Manolo Blahnik. The were ivory suede with tiny ankle straps and double bows. Brad was equally striking.

His dinner jacket was designed by Hedi Slimane. Brad wore a straight tie. The marriage was the first for the couple. Although Brad had already made a previous announcement of an engagement to Gwyneth Paltrow for about six months and then they part ways. Wedding guests included Jennifer's friends from "Friends", Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer. Other Hollywood stars who graced their wedding were Cameron Diaz, Melissa Etheridge, Edward Norton, and Salma Hayek.

Aniston is famous as Rachel Greene. She is one of the six stars of the comedy "Friends."Pitt has appeared in a lot of blockbusters including "Fight Club," "Interview with the Vampire," "Seven," "Ocean's Eleven" and "A River Runs Through It." and "Ocean's Twelve.

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By: James Monahan


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