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The Good Husband Guide

Author's note: After receiving an email about an article written in 1955 about what is expected of a good wife, I decided to write my version of the good husband. For a look at this article, go here http://www.tonh.net/freedom/goodwifesguide.

html and click on the lower corner to enlarge the piece. My reply to this article is meant in fun. March 17, 2005 The Good Husband's Guide Today's wife has much to do, including the many roles in her life: wife, mother, teacher, employee, co-worker, and friend. She's much too busy to sit at home preparing dinner for her man every day, and making sure the children are quiet when he walks in the door after a hard day at work. She also has had a hard day at work, be it in the work place, working from home or the hardest job of them all - raising children.

Pick up the children from daycare. Sometimes she has to work late too and could use the extra few minutes for a breather. This lets her know you are thinking of her and care about her needs. Have dinner prepared.

Let her know you are concerned for the way she feels after work; have her favorite dish ready. Prepare yourself. Take a few minutes to de-funk yourself after your hard day at work. Remember, those times of closeness, she doesn't want to smell the rottenness of the day. Clean the children.

Get their baths done early so family time isn't bothered with a bunch of 'must-do's' before bedtime. If you want to go out for the night, check with your wife, she might have plans. After all, someone does need to watch the children.

There also might be a dinner function the two of you need to attend. Going with her to a career dinner lets her know you care about her work as well as your own. Over the cold months, you should start a fire so she has a nice warm place to come to at the end of her day. Your wife will feel as if she's reached a haven of peace. Over the hot months, make sure the air conditioner is in excellent condition.

Nothing adds to a stressful day more than heat. Be happy to see her, not just have a pencil in your pocket, but be really happy to see her. Let her know she is the only one for you. Greet her with warmth and respect. Listen to her.

Her problems are just as important as yours are, if not more so. Let her speak first. Adhere to the rule, ladies first.

Make the evening hers. Run her a bubble bath, so her relaxation can continue on, pour her a glass of wine or her favorite beverage. Spark a few candles around the tub; it's a big gesture that will take you a long way. Don't complain.

She works just as hard as you do, if not more so. Children are hard work to raise and dealing with them all day is stressful. Speak soothingly to her at all times. The worst is having a man's rough, harsh voice raised about something that is of no importance. Don't ask questions you don't want answers to.

Don't judge her. Be respectful. This goes both ways and is a huge rule in life to carry through on. Be trustful.

A wife needs a husband she can believe and doesn't need to worry about his running around doing "single" things. Always remember, 'what is good for the goose is good for the gander'. Pick up after yourself.

You married her for a reason and it wasn't to have her become your slave. Think of her. Give her a back massage releasing the week's worth of stress from her body. Be nice, let her relax - without having to get a piece of action out of the deal. All-in-all, stick to these guidelines and life will be perfect - your home life at any rate.

Doing things for each other once in a while is a great way to keep a good marriage. Isn't that what we all want in life? A smooth sailing ride that we can remember to get us through the rough times, I think so. .

By: Cyn D Pagliolo


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