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Abatement of Lawyers Caesar Style

Everyone is well aware of the problems with too many laws and lawyers in our nation. Business people often joke in the boardrooms of American Corporations, asking their lawyers if it is okay for them to use the restroom. Indeed many small business people complain about the very same thing these days.

What is worse is that our own government is filled with these scoundrels and many of them hold some very high offices. Many believe the problem in America is due to all the lawyers out there and call them professional parasites, yet they are not only professionals they are also our politicians attempting have us believe that they will uphold the law and serve the American People? Let me ask you something; have you ever known any lawyer in the self-serving profession of law to serve anyone but them selves? Well have you?.I propose the abatement of lawyers and model this after the abatement of cockroaches or other pests. For instance we seem to be doing a nice job chasing down and removing from this time period the International Terrorists right? Well, aren't lawyers really terrorists? And if we could round them all up, maybe we could use a little Caesar Style abatement procedures and rid our selves of this plague upon humanity? Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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