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The San Jose Nightlife California Style After Hours

The ideal vacation getaway is one where there are thousands of activities from every aspect imaginable, including the ethnicity. No one wants a vacation full of meals at the same types of restaurants. The same holds true with activities. While the beach may be fun, no one wants to sit on the beach for two weeks straight without a break. They want variety. Finally, who would look forward to the same sports bar every night for after hour's entertainment? People want variety, and that is what they get in the San Jose California nightlife.

With over forty clubs, bars, and dance spots to choose from, one could not possibly experience them all within a one or two week vacation time. Although the majority of San Jose nightlife locations are on a par of excellence that is unparalleled, there are a few that stand out in their originality, service, and interest. The Voodoo Lounge: One of the most original and intriguing night sites in the Silicon Valley is that of The Voodoo lounge. The Voodoo lounge gives a dark and romantic atmosphere, while maintaining a defined high-energy mood.

The word "vampire" comes to mind. The Voodoo Lounge always has some new DJ or band to keep the energy and music flowing. There are also the occasional big music names in the industry, such as Deep Rooted and Soul Star. As a bonus, another area of this building serves as a grill diner while another is a hotel. You can literally get the entire vacation package at The Voodoo Lounge.

J.J.'s Blues Lounge: If a more traditional older American scene is your venue of choice, give J.

J.'s Blues Lounge a shot. This hot spot of the San Jose lifestyle is highly reminiscent of the Chicago nightlife in the late 1950's era. Here you will find walls covered with photographs and memorabilia from some of the world's most famous Jazz music artisans. This spot was voted the Best Blues Club in California three times over the past decade.

The service here is also themed with a jazz edge to it. The drinks are stout as the music. This is a guaranteed good time if you are a jazzy night lifer! The Avalon: If elegance, flash, loud music and a fast pace is your theme of choice, then you will be right at home at the Avalon. This is considered to be Silicon Valley's most elegant nightclub.

You won't find a bunch of young punks with screaming unintelligible excuses for music here. The patrons of this high-class party joint are the cutting edge of the definition of style in this generation. There is dancing, a variety of local popular DJ's, an excellent and romantic lounge, and occasional live bands. If you want to hold a private party, the Avalon can be rented for a special catered event, complete with drinks! These are the top three hot nightspots that San Jose has to offer, but you have to go in with the understanding that these are so high on the ladder of excellence that others can't compare. The forty something other clubs in the area are also a truly wild experience.

Shop around and give them all a try when you visit San Jose California.



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