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A Solution Polynesian European and Seasonal - My petite, hyperactive daughter is what I call our Christmas present from God.

ALL THINGS TICKETYBOO - Copyright The Quipping Queen 2006.

Little Guy on Wheels - Mamma was a strong believer in heredity, and she believed our family?s German heritage predisposed us to two things: hard work and stubbornness.

Tech Support Comedy - If you've every tried to get service on your computer, you will appreciate this website.

Its All About Seeing the Signs - Ace of Base hasn?t seen the sign for quite some time now, but that doesn?t stop the rest of us from doing so.

Sales Appointment The Dog - I once found myself in a rough area of town on a business appointment.

The Lighter Side of Spam - Every morning when sit down at the ole computer and go to check my email I know two things will happen.

The Good Old Days - Eventful isn't always fun.

I Own A Dog - I own a dog, or to be more precise, a four-legged fur-covered food processor (food goes in one end and out the other).

My Mothers Amazing Meatloaf Mystery - Every mother harbors a mystery of some sort.

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