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Who Buys from Recorded Telephone Sales Pitches - Since we now tell annoying telemarketers to remove us from their call lists, they don't call as often.

Poverty Can Be Erased - I'm back at my restaurant enjoying a nearly cold cup of coffee (without the whitener) as I began to read one of the back pages of my newspaper.

Education enlarges us - Our education enlarges us.

Rhymes With Love - This latest poem actually came about when I was working on a commission for a client and my editor refused to let me get away with a line that rhymed "glove" and "love".

Our Baby The Grape - My wife and I are only about six weeks into this pregnancy thing and we're still trying to wrap our heads around this whole idea of having a baby, though we have wildly different thoughts on the subject.

Save on Gas Prices - 


Article Title: Save on Gas Prices
Article Author: Rocky Ramsey

Man Loses Memory Shows Up At Emergency Room - A frantic businessman rushed into the emergency room, threw his attaché case on the reception desk, and exclaimed, ?Nurse, I need help.

I Shaved My Legs For This - I've never liked to go for a doctor's visit.

I Love the Smell of Commerce in the Morning - The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, even The Talking Heads, were great bands, but what did they all have in common? They were all the beginning of the end of punk.

A Dogs Eye View of the World Part I - (Note: The following article was relayed to us via an otherwise respected author, who told us he had transcribed his dog?s musings on humanity to him.

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