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A Law of Nature

No one had prepared me for the strange behavior I would witness while attending my one and only Single's Dance.When I arrived, one of the first things I noticed was this stunningly beautiful woman sitting at a table by herself. It seems I wasn't the only one who noticed.

Snaking away from her table was a line of men that weaved it's way through the room so it looked like a reception line at a wedding. I swear that some men just entered through the front door and then headed straight over and got in line.What really amazed me was that each man would slowly shuffle forward until he was first in line.

Then he'd ask, "Would you like to dance?".She would respond, "No, thank you.".Then he would slouch off, head held low and the next guy would edge forward. "Would you like to dance?".The answer was always the same.

"No, thank you.".It continued on until the whole line had passed in review. Each man had his own style. Some would step forward sheepishly, others with a swagger.

Every one was shot down to crash and burn.Finally, when the line had trickled to an end and it appeared there wasn't a man left whom she hadn't rejected at least once, she got up and left. She walked out the door and never returned.I'm still not exactly certain what happened that night. I am confident, however, that if a representative from National Wildlife magazine had been present we could have solved one of the great mysteries of nature -- that of the lemming.

The lemming is a small rodent that lives in the Artic and is known for traveling in massive migrations. What isn't understood is why occasionally, the entire group, thousands of them, will just walk off a cliff into the ocean and drown. Scientists have no explanation, but I do.

I suspect that the leader is one stunningly beautiful female lemming and that the others are balding, middle-aged male lemmings hoping he's the one she'll choose.

.Gary Mosher met his wife at the one and only single's dance he has ever attended. He is co-author of the award-winning 'Buddha in the Boardroom', the book that shows you how to excel in today's chaotic and stressful workplace environment.

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By: Gary Mosher


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