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Hello Folks, It's Rangerrob.I was sitting on the fence the other day, thinking about important things. Wish I could remember what they were. But I did get to wondering about a few things.

Throughout the years, people seem to have created some new looks, and ideas in their everyday lives, which were not really anything we could dream up in our generation. So I have a few questions that I am curious about. Here is my list:.? Do them folks with all them piercing and chains in their ears, tongue and belly buttons get worried about our lighting storms when their outside?.? Do them gothic looking folks have problems with makeup when it rains?.

? Do kids with their pants down to their knees every try out for Track?.? Has anyone ever thought to make a blinking belly button piercing for joggers to wear, for safety?.? If kids really want a fast car, why don't they get a GTO?.? Why would anyone put a lift kit on a mini 4x4 truck, when for the same amount of money they could buy a real Ford F350?.? Do avid hunters put deer fences in there yards?.

? Can a rap singer, sing out of key?.? Why do so many folks drive like the world is ending, passing and speeding like there is a tornado behind them, only to meet back up with them at the first light or stop sign?.? Why is the "Blue Collar Comedy Show" only a half hour?.? And this one is personal. How come you can find every old rerun show on TV except Daniel Boone?.

I know, just like you, I loose sleep over this stuff. The next time I see you sitting on a fence, I bet your trying to figure this stuff out too.Email the Ranger anytime at ranger@rangerrob.com.Visit any of our support sites:.http://www.




.Rangerrob of the Northwest.

A Northwest Outdoor Redneck, supporting friends and Family to enjoy the outdoor together. View Hunting, Fishing, Flyfishing, Kiting and much more at http://www.rangerrob.

com.Feel free to visit his web services at http://www.nwcustomwebs.com.

By: Robert Scribner


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