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It Was A Dork And Strummy KnightA Story With Musical Jokes - 1.

Which is Worse Pig Crap or Lawyers - The other day we were all sitting in a Coffee Shop and one of the gentleman there mentioned something about lawyers and we got into a 2-hour conversation on the subject.

Washington DC Floods and Gets a Power Flush - Pounding torrential rains pummel the Washington DC podium pushing politicians.

The Nine Lives Generation - I was watching another depressing segment on some all-news channel when the subject of milk came up.

Bush Sets Aside Hawaii As Nature Preserve Inhabitants Head For California - One thing you can say about George Bush, when the man decides to do something, his guiding principle does not appear to be moderation, whether it?s an ill-advised constitutional amendment, a questionable war, or an immoderate nature preserve, in this.

Hundred Pound Bear Flees Pound Cat - What happens when you're a 10-pound cat, cavorting in your backyard, and a 300-pound black bear decides to cavort there, too?.

A Cialis A Day Keeps The Uncertainty Away - The maker of Cialis will apply to the FDA for approval of a once-a-day version of its ED treatment.

Rescue a Cockroach from Your Cat Humanely - The Scene:.

Jokes For Jay Leno Celebrity Jokes - I?ve noted that Jay Leno is still hurting for jokes.

Figs Where Are They - I?ve had a hankering for fresh figs lately.

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