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Blackberries Bluebonnets and Buttercups - Today started out stressful but ended up stress-free even though it cost me two skinned knees and a torn off fingernail.

Why We Have Not Caught Osama bin Laden Yet - Do you ever wonder why we have not caught up with the chief International Terrorist who caused the 911 Attacks on the United States of America yet? Well I heard it thru the grape vine that Osama bin Laden is dressing like a woman and has gotten a.

Floods Strike New England Lobsters Enter Kitchens - Heavy rains inundated New England, which experienced its worst flooding in decades.

Sun Will Only Burn For Billion More Years Humans Express Concern - We are often reminded that the sun will only shine in a way that can support life way out here on the earth for only about another five billion years.

Jokes for Jay Leno President Bush - Jokes for Jay Leno 02: President Bush.

Saddam Hussein Accused Of Crimes Against Ties - Saddam Hussein, now formally charged with crimes against humanity, is now faced with charges by irate tie makers.

Bolivian President Evo Morales Expropriates Energy Company Assets While Accusing Them Of Stealing - The new leftist President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, wasted no time sending his nation?s underdeveloped economy into a tailspin by expropriating the assets of the energy companies who had made major investments in his impoverished land.

Abatement of Corruption in Congress - Well it appears that the corruption in Congress is so pervasive that the real problem now is not only getting rid of all the maggots and flies, but all the crap too.

I Heart Dave Barry - I made a huge mistake the other day.

Cranelegs Top Ten Reasons Why We Are Doomed - I?ve listen to hours of Air America, News Talk, and NPR.

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