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Your Mischievous Sense of Humor - It?s a funny thing about the sense of humor: There are times when its just plain mischievous.

What to do when you get caught surfing by the Boss - It has been a long morning and you need a mental break.

Valentines Day for Dummies - Saint Valentine's Day rolls around just once a year.

Chicken Rearing Your Complete Guide to How Not to Raise Chickens - Chick: A hatchling.

Never Trust A Man With A BreadShaped Head - The plan was very simple, all we had to do was go to the county fair in clown getup, and walk around giving kids the animal shaped balloons we made, do a few magic tricks, and perform a few stupid skits that clowns do.

Speed Secret - A high school coach was looking forward to track season.

Evil SuperVillains need Love Too - I just saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night.

How Many Men Does It Take Top Mens Jokes - I get a kick out of men's jokes.

The Script About My Ass - Does anyone remember those early high school days? You know, the time when most of us started to discover the opposite sex in ernest, but we still weren't completly evolved yet.

Its official They are not together - Star couple and picture perfect pair Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston did a formal announcement of their break-up through the office of Aniston's publicist, Stephen Huvane.

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