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A Drunk with a Small Penis

A plumber came round to my house today. This in itself was all well and good. He was a lovely guy by the name of Dennis, clearly very experienced, and he got the job done in an unexpectedly short couple of hours. I'd been bracing myself for a hot-water-free weekend, so it was a very pleasant surprise to have the problem fixed so quickly.In order to assist Dennis in finding the information he needed to mend my water heater, I looked up the manufacturer's details on the Internet, with Dennis looking over my shoulder, helping.

Within a few minutes, Dennis had called his boss, who called the manufacturer, who explained the solution to Dennis's boss, who explained the solution to Dennis, who fixed the problem. Presto.Dennis and I were quite pleased with ourselves, and congratulated each other profusely on our combined ingenuity.After Dennis had left, I got back to my laptop to find that the two websites that I'd been editing before he arrived had been clearly on view throughout his visit. These websites were, let's just say, 'in the experimental stages', and were designed to draw a large number of hits, thereby generating a bit of advertising revenue for this pauper of a writer.One was called 'Living Sober - Without AA'.

The other was called 'Free Penis Enlarger'.*.I'm not embarrassed about it though. It's a simple mistake which anybody could make.* I feel obliged to add, for the sake of my own self-esteem, that this site was in fact devoted to images of beautiful women!.

.Seb Carroll.To read the unedited version of this article, please visit:.http://sebcarroll.


By: Seb Carroll


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