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Old Age Isnt For Sissies

It must have been more than 25 years ago when I first saw that bumper sticker. "Cute," I chuckled to myself, "What will they think of next?" (How about "Whirled Peas"?).Now in my fifties, I'm learning first hand what they're talking about. From the frumpy grey-haired stranger that looks back at me from the bathroom mirror every day to the closet full of too-small clothes that I really should donate to the local mission. And I'm beginning to understand my grandmother's affinity to Ben Gay.In fact, it's the aching joints that bother me the most.

After all, I don't have to look in the mirror, and I'm quite comfortable wearing my sweats most of the time. But denial can only take a gal so far. When I'm lying in bed with an aching shoulder, it's not denial that helps me fall asleep.

It's my herbal heat wrap, with a little help from the microwave oven.I discovered this delightful remedy at a local tourist attraction, complete with free entertainment, numerous food vendors, and lots of "mom and pop" product booths. As I walked through the small vintage firehouse, the smell of lavender was inviting, so I took a closer look.20 minutes later, and about $60.00 lighter, I walked away with my only inedible purchase of the day. I had this lizard shaped thingee around my neck, and a more versatile rectangular wrap in the bag.

Having had my heat wraps for several weeks now, I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Of course, I recommend Heat Treats herbal wraps because that's what I have and I know they work. These heat wraps are filled with a combination of flax seed and lavender. The flax seed releases a moist heat, while the lavender helps me relax.While there's nothing I can do to prevent getting older, at least I can put off feeling older for a while longer.Now if only I could solve my "secretary spread" as easily.

.Anita Cross is a business owner, outdoor photographer, and amateur writer. Anita posts photos and stories, whenever she can find the time, to her blog, Exploring Oregon.Copyright 2005 Anita Cross, Eugene Oregon. All rights reserved.

By: Anita Cross


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