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All People Need to be Free from Repression

As the world gets closer together and we see the human rights abuses and the pain and sorrow of so many poor people around the planet; one can only come to the conclusion that people indeed need freedom from repression. And let me give you a couple of examples of how bad things can be when people or things are repressed;.You see we need freedom from re-impression.

I know a guy who got a tattoo, using a machine and he did not take his arm out fast enough and it started the cycle over. He thought it was putting on some extra touches, but it was merely a re-pression. He felt very depressed after being repressed. I totally see your point. Had he jumped out like a frog as the machine was warming up it would not have happened, but he just stayed there and did nothing about it and got totally repressed?.Another story at a Chinese Laundry.

A lady was dropping off her husband's shirts and slacks, she picked up the pressed clothes and dumped off the new batch some of the old batch got mixed. You guessed repression. The United States of America must stand tall and make sure that repression does not take over our daily lives, as all people should be free. We must all agree to stop repression around the world, in tattoo parlors and Chinese laundries or anywhere in the world repression is taking place.

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By: Lance Winslow


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