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That SpamIAm I Do Not Like That SpamIAm - If Spam were the ham-want-a-be instead of junk e-mail, I could say you are what you eat.

The Genius of Calvin Hobbes - Magic comes in many forms.

Manfred Goes to the Country - In nineteen forty five, World War II was declared officially over.

Reincarnation is Real - Let?s face it reincarnation is a very interesting concept indeed.

Prank Calling Technology - Do you have King Albert in a can? Such phrases used to be the rage of the Mad Magazine reading youth of the 70?s.

Irish Chemist Creates Four Leaf CloverMarijuana Hybrid - A scientific breakthrough just in time for Saint Patrick's Day, the world's first Four Leaf Clover-Marijuana hybrid has been approved for private consumption.

How to Become an Expert on Anything - According to Webster?s Dictionary: ex-pert n 1.

The Laughing Buddhas Christmas Wish - The Laughing Buddha, legends say, Was born in China, on an ancient day.

Beer Beamers and Born Agains - Owning a BMW reduces risk of Prostate cancer?.

Einstein God and Relativity - It is widely known that Einstein, while meditating, talked to God.

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