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Having a party? Or a get together with some friends? Trying to think of things to do for a childrens party? Then get the party going and people interacting by introducing some fun free games. Everyone likes to play games from children to adults and you do n have to hurt your wallet organising a fun day or evening of entertainment. Some of the most enjoyable activities are simple free games like charades and Limbo. Other free games for children's parties are: Simon Says A simple game where one player plays 'Simon' and gives the other players various instructions to do simple tasks prefixed by the phrase ' Simon Says' He then tries to catch the players out by giving them an instruction without saying Simon says beforehand. If a player follows that particular instruction then he is out.

The winner is the last person to be left. Musical Chairs The players sit on chairs in a ring facing outwards. There should be at least one less chair than there are players.

When the music starts the players should start to walk around the circle. When the music stops the players rush to find a free chair to sit on. The person left standing is out and one chair is then removed and the game continues until only one chair is left.

Whoever gets to sit on this chair when the music stops is the winner. Statues Statues is another simple game. The children have to dance when the music is played and then when it stops they must become as still as statues. Whoever moves until the music starts again is out. The winner is the last player left standing. Spoon Relay Some free games are best played in the garden because of the mess the game will make and will also require a good deal of space.

When playing spoon relay divide the children into two equal teams. Set up a chair with a bowl of water and a spoon on it for each team. Then a few feet or more away set up two more chairs both with a glass on each. When the whistle blows both sets of teams race to fill the empty glass's up using the spoons.

Players take it in turns until one team wins. Fun Free Games for Adults The Mating Game This is a fun and good icebreaker for teens and adults. The game is best played with a good spread of both sexes.

Divide the group up into two even groups and hand out slips of paper with animal names written on them. There should be two pieces of paper with the same animal name written on both and one piece should be given to a member of each group. The animals can be whatever you choose snakes, horses, flies, kangaroo, salmon etc. When the game begins people start to act out their animal by flapping, jumping etc and starts searching for their respective animal partner form the other group.

Talking is strictly forbidden! The object of the game is to find your animal mate. Once you think you have identified your mate go to the referee who inspects yours pieces of paper. If its not correct, off you go back into the wild to find your real partner. Spin the Bottle A classic and very simple game for the more adventurous parties. A good mix of males and females are required A group of players sit around in a circle and the game starts by one person spinning the bottle. Wherever the top of the bottle ends up facing indicates the person who gets kissed.

Whoever spun the bottle is the kisser. If the bottle ends up facing someone of the same sex the player can spin the bottle again. There are thousands of fun free games to suit all parties and it is important to remember we play games for fun.

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