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Hurricane Alberto A Tropical Illegal Alien

As we are worried about illegal aliens, we must also be worried about an even more devastating trend coming across our borders. Hurricanes. The 2006 Hurricane Season has started early and illegal alien Hurricane Alberto grew rapidly from a tropical depression to a tropical storm and is now a Hurricane.Alberto is not planning to come thru any check-points at our border, nor does he care about any man made lines drawn in the sand. Tropical Hurricane Alberto only cares about one thing, airflow and warm ocean surface temps and he will go get them where ever he can find them, if they are along the Eastern Coast or in the Gulf of Mexico.Tropical Hurricane Alberto is much worse than other illegal aliens, because he is Fat Alberto; Hey, Hey, Hey and he has a big sombrero as you can see from the NOAA satellite photos.

If the Miami Hurricane center is right this could be a whopper of a storm.Generally the first storms of the season are not the worst as the summer months have not had time to over cook the ocean surface temps, although one never knows as Tropical Hurricane Alberto grows. He joins us early at this years 2006 Tropical Hurricane Party, a party many of us wish was cancelled. Go back home Alberto, you are an illegal alien and we do not want you around. Consider all this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow


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