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Marketing On The Cheap Become a Joiner - Recently I wrote an article on the benefits of joining your local Chamber of Commerce as a way of getting exposure for your business.

Little giant ladder pros and cons - >From professional contractors to an average homeowner the little giant ladder has impressed everyone.

THINGS NOT TO DO IN MARCH - Copyright The Quipping Queen 2006.

Your Say Humor and I Say Gumour - We are all affected by humour.

THINGS NOT TO DO IN JANUARY - Copyright The Quipping Queen 2006.

I Bet Ill Get More Clicks By Putting Sex in the Title - You know I post a lot of articles on Goarticles so I thought I would make one just for this site.

Lousy Jobs How to Lose Them In Style - Was it Oscar Wilde who once said 'it's not how many lousy jobs you've had, but the style with which you go about losing them'? Well, okay, I'm paraphrasing here, but it was probably Wilde who said 'you can't lose a bad job without a little imaginati.

The Headless Horseman Of Mass Media Information Everywhere Philosophy Nowhere - Did you ever notice that we?re surrounded by information but hardly ever come across an idea in the media that might help us lead sane and happy lives? Oh, not the usual self-help drivel about how to lose weight or enjoy sex, but answers to the reall.

A French Teachers Memories Boys Are Not Born in Cabbage Fields - Despite the persistent rumor, boys are not born in cabbage patches and girls in rose gardens.

The Restaurant Chronicles Part - Have you ever heard that saying, ?The show must go on"? When you hear it, you think of what is commonly referred to as ?Show-biz,? don?t you? But where can you go to see the best acting money can buy, any day of the week? No, I?m not talking ab.

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