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Jesus Was an Illegal Alien Too

Many people may not realize this, but did you know that Jesus was an illegal alien too? Think of it. He really was wasn't he? You know at first I did not believe it either, I thought to my self this cannot be real, until I saw him there. That's right folks;.As a matter of fact I saw him yesterday. As he finally got his fake IDs and he is now the assistant manager at McDonalds, but his 12 disciples still work at the local car wash I am told.

I know he still works at McDonalds because he threw me out for food fighting yesterday morning. I agued with him because that egg mc Muffin tasted more like rubber than food, so I am not sure I was food fighting, so then I saw his name tag and said "Oh Crap its Jesus" I stopped arguing in Spanish and left, I think I may still get into heaven? What do you think? Never argue with Jesus!.I just wanted to go back and tell Jesus that it was not really food fighting, in fact it takes two to fight and the guy I hit as a Frisbeed my egg mc Muffin paddy, never threw anything back at me? So, that was not actually a food fight you see? So I called McDonalds Corporate to complain and they said I could not go back anymore to that location, not even the drive thru. I inquired about dressing as a little kid and going into the PlayPlace but they said I am too tall now? So, I am now worried when I get to heaven if Jesus will throw me out again? What do you think?.

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By: Lance Winslow


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