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Artificial Intelligent Lawyers All Attorneys Are Fired

You know why I like the Reality Television Series from Donald Trump? Well, because I love it when they fire Lawyers on the show? Anytime a lawyer is on the show I just love to see them get canned in disgrace you see? I foresee a glorious future when there are no more lawyers at all.A future with artificially intelligent robotic android lawyers and perhaps when a lawyer dies we simply stick their heads on one of these android robotic bodies and make them live the rest of eternity as a humanoid robot. A living hell if you will trapped in their little world of made up lies and words. Wouldn't that be special?.Impossible you say? Well, actually it is a very possible future and one we must make sure comes to fruition. You will soon be able to buy a Lawyer, a dead lawyer, but human interfaced with a robotic body and you stick it in your office or a couple of them and when ever you need legal advice or something to yell at there they are in their own living hell.

When you decide that they need an upgrade you simply pop another disk in their head or CD Rom of the latest new laws that other lawyers have come up with so they can spit out the answers when you ask the semi-dead hell bound lawyer a legal question.You see once these units become available we can fire all the other lawyers and use these android units as our slaves. After all they say the only good lawyer is a dead lawyer and in the future maybe we can have the best of both worlds? Consider this in 2036.

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By: Lance Winslow


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