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The Druggie The Witch You Me and Harry Potter

With the Harry Potter juggernaut chugging merrily along, almost anyone worth their weight in bat wingtip soup has dived into the fray of hot, bubbling pottering action. And that includes drug dealers no less! Heck, they aren't about to miss out on a good thing! Not to be left out of the Harry Potter drama-rama, New York drug dealers have started peddling ecstasy pills engraved with Harry Potter book and movie images. One can only speculate that their train of thought must progress along the lines that the success of the runaway Potter behemoth must surely rub off in some way on their products, even if in only some miniscule manner; after all, in Potter Universe, small magically transforms into a respectably impressive amount in Muggleworld. That said, it is evident that these guys aren't too savvy when it comes to demographics.

Even if utilizing super-elastic mind-stretch, it's hard to picture the average Harry Potter fan cavorting and gyrating wildly in some hip nightclub, as the image of their idol slowly fizzles to sweet dreamy nothings deep inside of them. Still, anything is possible, especially when it comes to the Potter phenomenon. Some people feel it is their divine entitlement to have a slice of that not-so-free Potter pie. Take the case of the 20-yr old bodybuilder from the UK. I think that he took the saying "Ask and ye shall be given" a wee bit too literally.

In June of 2005 Bodybuilder X somehow helped himself to two copies of "The Half-Blood Prince" before its official release and tried to sell them to a newspaper reporter from The Sun using a rather persuasive argument--the business end of an imitation gun. As you can probably guess our erstwhile bodybuilder didn't get too far in his marketing and leverage scheme, despite ambitiously expanding the campaign to include threatening and blackmailing Harry Potter UK publisher, Bloomsbury. At his trial in spite of an impassioned defense argument that included gems such as: "There was a marked change in Bodybuilder X's personality as he pursued his body building interests. He was taking steroids to an almost unsupportable level" Bodybuilder X was sentenced to four years as a guest at one of her majesty's less luxurious retreats, where he will have ample time to ponder on future business ventures while furthering the pursuit of bodily perfection, but this time without the unsupportable support of steroids.

So what's the moral of this affair? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing is certain. It's getting harder and harder to discern the rather fine line between fact and fiction in this magical realm. There're many who claim that this whole Harry Potter saga is a diabolical plot of the devil and an insidious campaign manufactured by those with a leaning towards the.

Ba Kiwanuka is the webmaster of PotterHub.com Harry Potter Merchandise


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