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I Think Elliot Spitzer might be the Devil - You what I like about America? Well, I am allowed to have an opinion and it is wonderful to consider this and even better to speak my mind.

Rednecks are Real - Being a redneck means more than just being a country person.

Punch Line Madness - It all started with a job advertisement for a greeting card company that was advertising for writers.

I Am - Have you been noticing more and more people answering a question with ?I am? and the first time you hear it you think, well that sounds cool.

Why Macys Cleans Their Floors At Odd Hours - I was at Macy's the other day checking out pots and pans.

All People Need to be Free from Repression - As the world gets closer together and we see the human rights abuses and the pain and sorrow of so many poor people around the planet; one can only come to the conclusion that people indeed need freedom from repression.

Met Meets Greeces Request Returns Ancient Toilet Seats - The Metropolitan Museum of Art, having recently agreed to return one of the finest vases in its collection from the Classical Age of Ancient Greece, has also consented to return the collected toilet seats from the ancient Cretan port city of Ephesus.

An Application for an English Teaching Position But then Who Would Want Such an Applicant - Sir,.

Obscure News - Well known hobo Travelin? Jack Steinway died last night in Arizona.

Jesus Was an Illegal Alien Too - Many people may not realize this, but did you know that Jesus was an illegal alien too? Think of it.

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