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ExCIA Good Chance He is Gay

Have you ever met someone who worked at the CIA or has retired from the CIA? Well if you have there is a good chance he is gay. Many people in the intelligence industry are homosexuals and many are very flagrant homosexuals although some are still closet homosexuals and you might not even know that if we did not tell you. But they if they tell you they use to work at the CIA there is a good chance they are homosexual or gay.Some conspiracy theorists believe that over 80% percent of the people who work at the CIA are homosexuals, whereas others say it is only about 20 percent. But no matter what if you know someone who works at the CIA or is ex-CIA then they are probably gay.When you meet someone who says they work at the CIA or has formerly worked at the CIA you must assume that they are automatically homosexuals and gay.

I am not the only one who believes this, you would be surprised to how many people around Washington D.C. believe the same thing.If you are homosexual there is a good chance you can get hired by the CIA and travel to foreign lands on taxpayers money and even get good benefits when you retire. Plus you will be able to screw many foreigners in more ways that one.

It is great that homosexuals have a place in our government? This proves we are a non-biggot nation and that our government is equal opportunity employer for homosexuals. Consider this in 2006 especially if you are gay.

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By: Lance Winslow


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