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View from the Stage Six Pounds Tall - The other day I was "putzing" around in the garage when Andrew, (my "little guy") approached.

Ill Have the Gringo Starr Por Favor - I was reminded today of one of life's little truisms: 'If you want a good haircut, then it's probably best not to see a barber who doesn't speak your language.

The Finely Tuned Athlete - I broke a promise to myself that I never would, and joined a gym about six months ago.

The Fruit Caper - Back in the days of my childhood, we lived in a richly competitive family.

Ken Lay Explains Behavior With Poem From Childhood Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep - Ken Lay, the famously charming Texan from dirt-poor beginnings, who rose to be the toast of Houston before Enron, the company he founded, became toast, finally took the stand this week and, as expected, performed in his winning manner.

Bob Fosses Lenny A Lost Treasure - When George Carlin hit the height of his fame in the mid-seventies, he was considered by many to be a serious innovator.

Men Go Extinct - You did this to me.

Old Sparky Needlephobia Nerve Conduction Tests and Electromyelograms - I felt queasy contemplating the nerve conduction test and electromyelogram (EMG) I was about to have.

Customer Care in - Operator: Thank you for calling this pizza joint.

For The Love Of Raspberries - In the kingdom of childhood relationships, Gary carried the mantle of authority and leadership amongst the children of the block.

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