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The Reptire - Our neighbors haven't built on their lot yet.

From Rotary Dial To Dial Up from Grannys Journal - Wow.

Building Relationships With Humor - As a leader, when you are building social and business relationships, humor is a wonderful tool.

The Brilliant Rejection Dating Maneuver - I was talking one day with my two teenage nieces?both sensible young women who apparently have never suffered through the dating experiences I had wrestled with.

Make a wish on Titan and send it to your friends - A new type of eCard simulates science news webpage.

Turkeys both men and bird and a Peanutbutter power bar - It was a glorious spring morning (5:35AM) as Brian and I set forth into the Berkshires to hunt the ever elusive and weary Wild Turkey.

Discover the Lighter Side of the Internet - 
We all know the Internet is a great tool for finding out information and sharing knowledge.

Refresher Course for Women on How to Win an Argument With a Man - Okay, most of you are going to say -- I win all my arguments with him, I don't need a refresher course.

Embroidering Corporate Apparel - Embroidering Corporate Apparel .

Using a web designer instead of doing it yourself - Copyright 2006 Richard Grady I built my first website approximately five years ago and since then, I have always designed and built my own sites.

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