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Giving the Perfect Gift aka Market Research - The Lessons of Gift-Giving for Doing Your Market Research.

A Faux Pas Is A Mistake In A Tuxedo - Everyone who is anybody has a hobby or at least entertains the idea.

Draining the lizard in the old west franchises - The other day I had the good fortune to dine at an authentic tex-mex style restaurant: Montana's.

Just Imagine - Imagine, just for a minute that the real world started operating like the Internet does.

THINGS YOU CAN LEARN FROM A DUCK - Copyright The Quipping Queen 2005.

The First Kiss - The First Kiss.

The Cackle Factor - What would we do if we couldn?t laugh at people and the things they do? I'm usually not the type of guy who sits around just talking about people.

The Back Passage - Some consideration must be made for the many memory inconsistencies of Thick Mick.

Link Building - A web directory is a internet web page consisting of categorized links to other web pages.

The Beauty of Hybrid Tea Roses - Hybrid tea roses and the original tea rose are the world?s favourite roses and are available in many gorgeous colors.

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