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You Know Youre Watching Too Much TV When - ?you wear an ESPN tee shirt to work or carry an extra copy of the TV Guide in your glove compartment.

Things That Go Bump in the Night - Last night my wife, Nancy, and I were alone in the house.

Cartoons As Weapons of War - What if it were that easy I ask? What if instead of sending nuclear enabled ICBMs to your neighboring countries, you could solve you anxiety and frustration thru designer cartoons? What if we all stepped back and laughed at ourselves and each othe.

Birthday Clown Hell - Back in my college days, I tried my hand at picking up a few dollars by entertaining as a birthday party clown.

Despite VideoGame Mania Little League Baseball Still Hits It Off With Kids - Having conceded some time ago that the usual childhood in America is being despairingly twisted by the current popularity of moronically violent video games, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the nation?s young have not been entirely remove.

FED Raises Interest Rates Except On Existing Mortgages - The Federal Reserve took the unusually considerate step of raising the interest rate again while providing that banks could not raise the mortgage rates on people who already have mortgages with them.

Ancient Mayan Mummy Proves A Tattoo Is Forever - Evidence of the extraordinary longevity of tattoos has finally been discovered, in a mummified Mayan female whose panoramic tattoos have lasted almost two thousand years.

When Telemarketers Attack - I woke up early one Saturday afternoon due to the incessant ringing of my phone.

Movie Stars As Sources Of Wisdom - Why do many people look to movie stars for answers to some of life's most challenging questions?.

The Gift of Gab - The art of the schmooze, small talk, gift of gab, these are all descriptions given to a special talent some people have.

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