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Political Humor Are You A Dittohead - Years ago, Rush Limbaugh coined the term "adult beverages" to refer to alcoholic drinks.

THANKSGIVING POSES A QUESTION OF CHOICE - The door to my office exploded as hundreds, at least it seemed like that many to me, of children surrounded my desk.

Health Club Regulars Some of the People Youre Likely To Meetat the Gym - One of the great benefits of belonging to a health club is the huge variety of exercise equipment that?s available.

The Superior Mind Man vs Mouse - I?ve never thought of myself as a brave man, but it?s nice to know if you?ll be able to handle yourself in a dangerous situation.

Dentists Hate You and They Are Probably Aliens - Dentists hate you.

How to handle bad breath - We've all been there.

Im Not A Christian But I Play One On Sunday - After more than three decades of church ministry, I have come to one unsettling conclusion.

The Hazards of Tossing Pigs - The Hazards of Tossing Pigs Saturday, both Jane and Barb had to work.

Magical Yahoo Readings - I should of stayed with Quick.

Guide to Dummy Books for Dummies - You've arrived just in time.

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