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Merry somebody Mas - At a former job of mine there used to be this one older, kind of sour, guy who would sit out all of the office Christmas parties because: 'The Bible says there were shepherds out in the field watching their sheep when Jesus was born, which means tha.

ON THE IMPORTANCE OF ELEPHANTS - Copyright Theolonius McTavish 2004.

How To Cash In On Your Ailment Capital - Right after the president won his re-election bid for the White House, he made an interesting comment.

The Superior Mind - I've never thought of myself as a brave man, but it's nice to know if you'll be able to handle yourself in a dangerous situation.

Angry Chicken Disease Peril to Chicken Soup Industry - NEW YORK, NY - The first suspected case of angry chicken disease in the United States was reported Tuesday and threatens to devastate the country's $98 billion chicken soup industry.

JAILED - JAILED By Karen Lech Ah, here it is spring again.

Can You Write Naturally and Get Good SE Ranking - The most effective way to write for your website is to .

Hurricanes have gone but political winds are blowing - Within the last six weeks, that gusty quartet comprised of Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne has lustily serenaded Florida.

Keeping The Door Open - I once heard that if you give up hope on someone, you are slamming the door on the face of God.

Lets Associate with FUNNY - The two main phrases in comedy writing are: "what if" and "anything goes".

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