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Lawyers Need More Rules and Regulations

I am of the opinion and many who study the legal industry or know from first hand knowledge that most lawyers are crooks. To prevent the lawyers and attorneys from ripping off the American people, corporations and government monies, which impact consumers, taxpayers and employees we must monitor or the legal profession more closely.We need rules and regulations for lawyers and we need to put RFID embedded sub-dermal chips in each lawyer's nose. We also need lawyers to take a lie detector tests every six months for renewal of their law firm practice and license to practice law.

If we fail to protect the American people from the international terrorists and the domestic terrorists, which I call lawyers then we are not serving the American people or the Constitution of the United States of America. Lawyers for too long have been above the law and stealing and raping the American people (in my opinion). Yes, I have to put that in there as the legal disclaimer because when I call the lawyers scum, I do not want to be sued for slander. (The last sentence was my opinion also, but it is a darn good one).

Without more rules and regulations for lawyers they will continue to abuse our legal system and cost our citizens in a lower standard of living and lower quality of life. Lawyers need more rules and regulations, because as it stands they seem to be the only ones who are not regulated much. Consider this in 2006. This article is my opinion, so stick it you pond scum lawyers.

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By: Lance Winslow


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