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A Tree Grows in Brooklyn NY - BROOKLYN, NY - It was discovered, last Monday, that a tree has grown in Brooklyn, NY.

Pricing For Profit - Copyright Bill Vannot - All Rights Reserved.

Voodoo Munchies - 

Looking for a lighthearted and fun way to remove the negative energy of a certain disruptive person from your life, or from your mind, if the person in question has moved on? Consider the cleansing (and giggle-inspiring) effect of Voodoo Munchies.

Hay Fever Is a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Thing - Remember, hay fever is an allergic reaction caused by grass and trees.

Declaring War on Daylight Savings Time - Daylight Savings Time is a curious burden on the ease of our lives that many of us have come to despise.

Understanding Saddam Hussein - Hard-nosed, veteran investigative journalist that I am, I just had to dig into Saddam Hussein's past in an attempt to explain the possible causes of his behavior.

Quotes and Sayings Colloquialisms Part - ku'lowkeweeu'lizum [n] a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech, an expression.

A Strange Occurrence at the Passing Sun - Rounding the corner, I tripped on my shoe lace.

You Know Your Breath May Be A Tad Funky When - You know your breath may be a tad funky when.

Are All Men Fashion Train Wrecks Or Is It Just Me - When I shop for clothes, I keep it simple.

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