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Advancing Technology Through Mice - It's become very clear that when technology advances, so do mouse buttons.

Bill Hicks NEW MATERIAL Found of Historic Significance - Bill Hicks (December 16, 1961?February 26, 1994) is considered one of the most influential comedians of the 20th century.

The Dangerous Clown Disease - While in my college clown days, some friends and I earned money by putting on a number of different performances in places like birthday parties, pizza parlors, special events, and even some local television children?s programming.

Chinups are Pleasant - All my life I have had tremendous sexual energy.

Husband Gripes from the Past - My husband, the modern man, wouldn't dream of doing anything the old-fashioned, cheap way.

Pets Pets and More Pets - There must be a smorgasbord of mice around here.

Aliens Are Among Us - It can now be revealed.

Unruly Airliner Passenger Discharge System - So often we have unruly airline passengers who threaten to disrupt a flight or cause a scene.

Survival Instinct - One day a hiker was traveling along a mountain trail.

A Law of Nature - No one had prepared me for the strange behavior I would witness while attending my one and only Single?s Dance.

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