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Reincarnation is Real

Let's face it reincarnation is a very interesting concept indeed. I was recently talking with a gentleman about how Re-incarnation is an interesting belief and he explained the Hindus belief and how everything works and what happens to us when we die. Another gentleman who was listening to our conversation at the coffee shop kept making faces as he listened to our talk. After the Hindu Scholar left he said to me;."Indeed and I suppose some one who is the creator, protector and the destroyer would make a good steak at that.

".Of course he was referring to the re-incarnation into a cow once one got into their next life. His statement was derogatory in nature and so I merely listened, because it is always good to get a second opinion and maybe although this gentleman appeared to be a cynic he did have a bit of confidence and a touch of arrogance to him, as if he knew the truth or at least his very compelling version of the said truth. So I let him go on and he stated:."But the way I heard it was one of those cows that came back, was used in an Alien Being Experiment and it got crossed with a barbed wire fence and it was utter destruction.

The other cow jumped over the moon you know what happened in that story and the rest of the herd were rounded up by Australian Shepard Dogs and were mutilated by the aliens, which live under the coalmines in WV.".Now I felt like I had been had by this man's very bad joke and totally inappropriate and not very politically correct attack on the Hindu Religion and I was about to get up and walk away, except he wasn't laughing, he was not smiling and it appeared he actually believed all this. So, I thought, well why not challenge him on this bizarre comment? So, I asked him; Oh really and how do you know this? And he said:."Now I was told this in a building once with some symbols in it and they had a book too, which accompanied the story, I think they called it a screenplay and those symbols well I think they represented Dolbi Sound Corporate Logo.".

Unfortunately I fell for his comments, but was curious all along what kind of a man could tell a story that with a straight face? Without laughing at all. He said he use to work for the CIA, but now he is a priest in the Catholic Church. Which made perfect sense to me.The fine Gentleman then invited me to come to the Church and pay my tithing and repent for my sins. He said it would help me immensely and be a load of my mind.

I said really? He said "Oh yes, I do it each week!" Interesting, I thought so that's how they do it. Think on this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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