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I Think Elliot Spitzer might be the Devil

You what I like about America? Well, I am allowed to have an opinion and it is wonderful to consider this and even better to speak my mind. So, I will. I really think that Elliot Spitzer might be the Devil.

In fact I would bet on it, he even kind of looks like what I think a Devil is suppose to look like. So, has Satan returned to earth? Is Elliot Spitzer the big bad red devil himself? Should Satan worshipers all over the world be hailing one Elliot Spitzer?.You know there is a Satanic Church or two in New York, so I ask you will they take Elliot Spitzer as their savior and worship him? Will they walk prescints when he runs for New York Governor? It will be interesting to see exactly who is on his campaign won't it, especially when the New York Governor's elections comes around and Elliot Spitzer throws his hat, I mean three headed spear into the ring? But beware, the devil does not fight fair.If Elliot Spitzer gets into office and if he really is the devil, which is my opinion then what can the fine citizens of New York expect once he takes over Gotham City? Will he more resemble the Joker, Riddler or some other dastardly cartoon character or is he really already there and the Governorship will only make it official? Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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