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Tech Support And Root Canal - Which one is more painful: Calling tech support or a root canal?.

Under A Cuban Moon - HAVANA,May 20 (www.

DOG DITTY DAILY - Copyright The Quipping Queen 2006.

Similarities Between TeenAgers And Senior Citizens - All around us, everyday, there are two groups of people that many believe to be different.

New Orleans First to Experience Housing Bubble Burst - Are we starting to see the Housing Bubble Burst in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? In New Orleans many homeowner?s had their equity literally washed away.

The Good Husband Guide - Author's note: After receiving an email about an article written in 1955 about what is expected of a good wife, I decided to write my version of the good husband.

Silver Linings Are Everywhere - Viagra.

Reasons Why Salesmen Are The Best Lovers - Over the centuries, salesmen have had not the best of reputations.

A Lawyers Favorite Lawyer Jokes - Lawyer Jokes.

In My House If Its Broken I Bought It - Often a store has a sign with the warning, "You break it, you bought it.

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